After Reichelt’s lawsuit: NDR puts “Reschke Fernsehen” back online – media

The NDR has the shipment from Reschke television put back online via Julian Reichelt in the ARD media library. Reichelt had taken action against the program in two proceedings before the Hamburg Regional Court. On the one hand, the court had obliged the NDR to publish a counterstatement and, on the other hand, ordered the station to refrain from broadcasting a number of statements in the program. The NDR had announced that it wanted to object to the injunction, and the program initially disappeared from the media library.

The episode, which has now been uploaded again, is preceded by the note: “This version is an edited version. Some passages are currently the subject of a legal dispute. They have been redacted for the time being.” Long beeps now lie over parts of the approximately 30-minute programs. Also, it no longer bears the title “Julian Reichelt and the women: fuck, lie, throw away“, but is now called “Accusation of abuse of power: Julian Reichelt and the women”.

In the show, which originally aired in February, women anonymously opposed the former Picture– Editor-in-Chief Julian Reichelt testified. In the now edited version, the NDR points out that the core of the reporting is not affected by the legal dispute. Julian Reichelt’s lawyer, on the other hand, says that the NDR “is again drawing attention to the extent of its own editorial misconduct by distributing the revised version.” The editors of Reschke television he accuses of bias and “the inability of a balanced reporting of suspicions”.

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