A lot of work awaits Berlin’s new Senator for Culture, Joe Chialo

The new state government Berlin has not yet been elected, surprises are theoretically always possible in the capital – especially among the decimated Social Democrats, the grand coalition is anything but popular. Cross-shots are therefore conceivable up to the election on Thursday, but even if everything goes smoothly: What Joe Chialo (CDU), the designated Berlin Senator for Culture, intends to do in the new office is still a little nebulous. The previous indications of the man from the music industry, who will soon bear the title “Senator for Culture, Cohesion, Engagement and Democracy Promotion”, remain vague. Such as his announcement that “the cultural and economic aspects” must be “married even better”. Does that mean that the publicly financed theatres, museums and opera houses should look more closely at sponsors from business and higher income – or that the future culture senator is also interested in segments of the creative economy for which the state government’s economic department is actually responsible? the gaming industry for example?

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